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We are a company that has been promoting ecological solutions for the past 25 years , helping to improve and improve the daily lives of our customers and associates. In the era of civilization development, more and more burning needs become the protection of the environment and the search for renewable energy sources. We focus our efforts on gaining energy from the only source that is unrestricted to mankind - the sun. We choose the team based on the needs: work in good atmosphere, kindness, healthy competition, mutual motivation and continuous improvement of qualifications. In the selection of co-workers do not matter: age, sex, the past of the candidate. Relevant are: commitment, professionalism, diligence and respect for colleagues and clients.Our long-standing experience allows us to improve the professional qualifications of our employees and their personal development. We provide our customers with professional service, reliable information, care while using our products, comfort and safe.

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Building Services in Zarki,  Plumbing in Zarki, Pipefitting in Zarki

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